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9 Fascinating toilet facts to make you think (and laugh) – Part 1

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At Precise, we love our work AND we love to have a laugh.  Don’t get us wrong, we’re incredibly serious about what we do and know when humour’s appropriate and when it’s not.  That said, even when we’re serious, we’re also extremely aware of the benefits of keeping everything in context and maintaining a light heart.

This approach helps us deal with the busy-ness of our business and keeps us sane.  Being optimistic and positive are very important to all of us, and in many ways play a big part in our brand values.  We believe that if we can find a solution to a problem with a spring in our step and a smile on our face, every day’s a good day.

When it comes to loving what we do, not only does it make us a bit plumbing and heating ‘geeky’, but it also means we’ve even been known to take our passion on holiday with us.

This story tells what happened when Stuart, our Sales and Marketing Manager visited the ‘Sick to Death Museum’ while he was on holiday in Chester – that’s where he found fact number 6 below 😂  And to cut a long story short, it led him to trawl high and low online for ‘fascinating toilet facts’.

Stuart’s search for fascinating toilet facts has entertained everyone in the office for days and that’s what gave us the inspiration to share some of the facts he found with you.  Today we’re sharing Part 1.  If you like this stuff, we’ve got lots more up our sleeve – thank you Stuart – so keep an eye out for it.  In the meantime – enjoy 😉

  1. According to dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster, the word toilet comes from the French word “toile,” which means “cloth.” Over a few centuries, the word was eventually borrowed in English, becoming “toilet” 🚽
  2. We visit the toilet, on average, 2,500 times every year which means some of us will spend up to three years of our lives in the toilet 😳
  3. 40% of people are reported to fold their toilet paper, while 60% scrunch – which begs us to ask – are you a folder or a scruncher 🤔
  4. 75% of people are said to have the toilet roll coming down from the front of the toilet roll holder whilst 1 in 4 have their loo roll hung from the back…this ongoing dilemma will forever continue 🤨
  5. A study found that women’s largest frustration in the bathroom is men leaving the toilet seat up, whilst men’s is women getting make-up on towels 😂
  6. If we don’t put the toilet seat down prior to flushing, it’s estimated that when we flush, a “toilet plume” of germs which can spread up to six feet in the air and could linger in the room for up to six hours, touching everything from towels to toothbrushes 😳
  7. According to a survey, it was found that 70% of house guests are likely to snoop through your cupboards and drawers in the bathroom 😡
  8. Toilet injuries to adults are reported to include bruised buttocks and tail bones, as well as dislocated hips from unexpectedly sitting on the toilet bowl rim because the seat is up or loose 🤕
  9. The average British family is said to argue for 4 hours a year about bathroom-related stuff 🥲

Do you have any fascinating toilet facts to add to our list (that are clean enough for us to publish OBVS 🤣).  If so, we’d love to hear them…

*DISCLAIMER/THE SMALL PRINT – these facts were all found online from various sources – so we’re not claiming ownership, we’re just sharing the toilet love 💕

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