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Air Source Heat Pump Journey – what to expect

What is the process

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One of the big questions we get asked at Precise when people have (pretty much) reached the point of deciding to go ahead with the design and installation of a heating system powered by an air source heat pump is – “How does it all work?”  They’re typically wondering – How do I get access to the funding?  What do I have to pay upfront and when do I get my money back?”  In order to help you get your head around the air source heat pump journey, we’ve put together this list.

Disclaimer – this is how it works at Precise.  If you choose another supplier, the order might differ ever so slightly, but this will give you a good idea of what to expect:

  1. We’ll carry out an Initial Site Survey of your home to make sure it’s suitable for an air source heat pump.
  2. Assuming it is, we’ll send and an indicative quote. If you accept that, you’ll move to step 3.
  3. You pay a (non-refundable) deposit for a Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA) Visit. This typically costs around £400.00 and includes an EPC, Design Fee and Full Quote.
  4. A Domestic Energy Assessor carries out a survey of your home.
  5. You will then be issued with a complete design and formal quote.
  6. You apply for Home Energy Scotland Funding using our quotation.
  7. Home Energy Scotland will then approve your funding.
  8. We then carry out a technical survey of your home.
  9. We then send a Good to Connect application to the District Network Operator.
  10. We’ll send you a Formal Contract and Order Form to sign and return to us along with your deposit invoice.
  11. At this point, you will receive the first Instalment of £6000 from Home Energy Scotland.
  12. You pay a 25% deposit to us.
  13. We agree an installation date with you. At this point, we may request a further advance payment within 3 weeks of your Installation date, but this will be no more than 60% of the total cost and we will tell you upfront.
  14. We install the system.
  15. You’ll get an invoice to pay the remaining amount agreed.
  16. You’ll get your MCS Certificate.
  17. A new Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will then be carried out as part of your installation.
  18. You are then able to apply for the second Instalment of the Home Energy Funding of £4000 by sending your final invoice and MCS certificate to Home Energy Scotland.
  19. You will then be asked to upload any required information to Home Energy Scotland.
  20. The final account gets paid.
  21. Your handover pack is issued.
  22. Then you sit back and stay cosy and warm.

We’re conscious that any process that’s new and costly can be scary and unsettling.  We’re also aware that changing your heating system is an invasion in your home.  It’s for these reasons that we bend over backwards to make the process as easy as possible.  We always take the time to make sure that you are comfortable with the decisions you’re making and that everything is clear and taken at your pace.

When you choose Precise, you don’t just get a team of experienced and professional heating engineers, you get a group of human beings who really care.  We’re super-conscious that we’re in your space, making noise and mess – so we make sure we do it as respectfully as possible.  No matter how cheesy that may sound, it’s true – our customers tell us all the time 😂

And finally, we guarantee an objective and jargon-free journey into renewable heating.  So, why not ask us to come and see if an air source heat pump is right for you?  Following an initial discussion on the phone, we’ll visit your property without obligation and completely FREE OF CHARGE – to see if an air source heat pump is your best option.

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