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Air Source Heat Pumps

Up to £7500 of funding available

Worcester 58001i

Worcester 58001i

• Quiet Mark certified
• Modern Design
• High flow temperatures up to 75 degrees centigrade for UK homes
• Control from anywhere with Connect-Key K30


Samsung HTQR90

Samsung EHS R290

• Reliable performances in low temperatures
• Quiet operation
• Premium design
• Sound Power Level 56dBA


Mitsubishi Ecodan

Mitsubishi Ecodan

• Ultra-low running cost, A+++ high efficiency system
• Ultra-quiet operation
• Operates with outside temperatures as low as -20 degrees centigrade
• MEL Cloud enabled


Are you one of the many people toying with the idea of installing an air source heat pump? Do you love the notion, but feel uncertain if it’s right for you? Have you been researching the pros and cons? Does your research send you round in circles, still wondering if it’s a good idea or just another potentially expensive fad that you could regret?

Yes? Then you’re in the right place.

At Precise, we’re self-confessed air source heat pump geeks and gurus. Call us what you will, we’re loving the whole air source heat pump revolution and believe it can be a real game changer for the right people. And we don’t just jump on any bandwagon. We’re obsessed with research and training, and have put air source heat pumps through their paces – and back again – before deciding to invest in becoming highly trained and skilled in their installation and design.

What we want to do here is share just some of the information we’ve gathered on our journey in the hope that it helps you decide if an air source heat pump is worthy of a discussion or not. And remember, we’re not salespeople – we’re engineers, we’re technicians, and we’ve been round the air source heat pump block, so there’s pretty much no question we can’t answer. So, if you don’t find the answers to your questions here, reach out. We’re only a phone call away – our number’s in the banner at the top of the page and in the footer at the bottom – or hit the button to arrange a NO OBLIGATION, NO SALES-TALK, NO JARGON chat.

About Air Source Heat Pumps

Most days we’re in conversation with customers who’re wondering whether or not an air source heat pump might be right for them. The people we speak to have typically done a fair amount of research and due diligence, but are still in doubt and need an impartial, trusted expert on side to help them make the right decision – which is why they come to us -because we’re not shy in telling people it’s wrong for them if, as experts, we’re convinced it’s not right.

In this section of our website, we’ve picked some of the questions we hear most often. That said, if you don’t find answers to your questions here, reach out. We’re only a phone call away (our number’s in the banner at the top of the page and in the footer at the bottom) or hit any of the buttons and we’ll call you back.

Introduction to heat pumps

An introduction to Air Source Heat Pumps

Are you one of the many people who’s done the research but still can’t get your head around how the whole idea of an Air Source Heat Pump? Yes? Check this out.

How an air source heatpump works

How does an Air Source Heat Pump work?

Lots of people think air source heat pumps blow hot air into your home. That’s not the case. This simple 6-point explainer will help you see clearly how air source heat pumps work.

Air Source Heat Pumps

How much will an Air Source Heat Pump cost me?

Air source heat pumps are an investment, and many people worry about horror stories they’ve heard about the costs. There’s no one size fits all, but this will give you an idea.

Air Source Heat Pumps

How much financial help will I get?

Again there’s no one size fits all, but currently there are various funding options for your air source heat pump. Using this link you’ll be able to explore what help is available to you.

How much will I save

How much will I save?

This is a tough question and not one we’d nail our colours to the mast on (because we want to be clear and transparent) but you’ll find some good impartial running costs right here.

Should I change to heat pump

Should I change from oil to an Air Source Heat Pump?

In the current climate where oil prices are extremely volatile and there are lots of environmental reasons to choose an alternative, this is worth exploring. This should help.

What is the process

Once I’ve decided – what’s the process?

Going into anything new can be scary. That’s why we’ve mapped out the typical journey that a Precise air source heat pump customer takes. Check it out for yourself.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Can I speak to people who’ve taken the plunge?

We have a number of customers who are happy to share their air source heat pump journey with you – warts and all. You can check them out right here and then ask to be put in touch.

Air Source Heat Pumps

I’m still not sure – where do I go from here?

A great place to start is by speaking to other people who’ve taken the plunge as well as trusted experts. We can arrange both. All you need to do is reach out and ask.

Don’t take our word for how good air source heat pumps can be.

Here’s what a few of our customers have to say…

In these stories you get our customers’ real names and they tell their real stories. All the photos of the units, the homes and the interiors are real. And the best bit is – these customers are happy to speak to you if you’d like to speak to them about their air source heat pump experience. So, check out their stories for yourself, then reach out if you’d like to speak to them, and we’ll introduce you to each other.

ASHP Case Study

Jeanette’s story…

Jeanette wanted to be cosy and do her bit for the planet so installed an air source heat pump and an underfloor heating system. She wanted a solution that warmed up quickly if doors had been left open and saved her money. She also wanted her husband (who’s always checking the temperature) to be happy. You can read what she has to say here.

ASHP Case Study

Neil’s Story…

Neil lives in a big, old country property and had previously been heating his home with oil. Fed up with the recent price rises, Neil decided to take the bull by the horns and get us to design and install an air source heat pump system that could deal with all the challenges set by this sort of property. Neil’s over the moon and you can read his story here.

About us

Precise Installs Directors

We’re Scott and William, the directors at Precise Installs, and the driving force behind the whole Precise approach. Clients describe the Precise approach like a new lease of life, a breath of fresh air. We make it our business to take away the stress and strain from choosing an air source heat pump by having the right people and the right procedures in place. Our approach, our people and our systems dovetail so we get your job done, all the while respecting your needs and wishes at every step.

We’re self-confessed ‘geeks’ when it comes to all things plumbing and heating. We love the planning, the calculations, the design, the installation and all that jazz. We even love when we come up against challenges that really make us think outside the box.

We’re constantly looking around at air source heat pump funding that’s available, new products and new methods, and have in-depth knowledge of this new way of heating our homes. We love all that stuff. We have years of air source heat pump design and installation experience and install a whole range of different heating options. This means, when you choose us, you get the best heating solution for your unique situation – and, if an air source heat pump IS that solution, we make sure you get the very best result from that – including helping you secure funding. That’s the Precise promise.

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