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At Precise, we’re busy getting ready for net zero

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At Precise we’re very conscious of our responsibility to the planet and do lots of big things and small to do our “bit”.  We’re a team with young kids, which is a daily reminder, not just to do things for the planet right now, but to do things to improve the future for our childrens’ children.

In addition to that, we’re also very mindful of the Scottish Government’s ambitious targets to become a net zero carbon emission country by 2045.  That’s an impressive, yet scary 5 years ahead of the rest of the UK.  While 2045 seems a long way off right now, we’re on it.  We’re setting the foundations to comply and to do our bit.

Focus on home heating

A real focus to help achieve these ambitious targets is home heating.  Home heating makes up an estimated 21% of all carbon emissions, which is the same as transport.  That’s why we want to embrace all the new technologies that are currently being developed, powered by low carbon, renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels.  As you probably know by now, we’re pretty “geeky” when it comes to tech and innovation.

Experienced, qualified – and looking to the future

Both Scott and William have completed their BPEC Heat Pump Qualification training, but in their usual ambitious style, they went further than and have worked closely with several air source heat pump manufacturers to get to really know their systems and installations.

As Scott smartly puts it, “Our motivation came from two things: the organic demand from our customer base and the natural progression that our industry will need to adapt to. We want to be ahead of the curve! In the last few months, our customer’s focus and demand for heat pumps has grown month on month. This has seen the demand [for heat pumps] far outweigh our gas boiler leads.”

MCS Accredited

Precise is Microgeneration Certification Standard (MCS) accredited for both design and installation – which is relatively unusual as most companies are either one or the other. MCS certification is a mark of quality that shows that products and installation contractors comply with recognised industry standards.  It gives the company and the customer security and stability as well as enabling customers to apply for Home Energy Scotland (HES) loans and grant funding.

A great, growing team

Scott and William are expanding the Precise team to meet this demand, have recently appointed 2 new members of staff and are actively looking for more.  At Precise, the enthusiasm of the management team rubs off on the whole team and we’re delighted that our engineers love the whole air source heat pump challenge.  It gives them a new skill to learn and renewed enthusiasm for their jobs.

As Scott says, “I think we will see exponential growth within our business as the demand is naturally going to continue to grow to meet the targets and expectations set at government level.”

Helping you make the right decisions

We’re putting a whole host of things in place to support net zero – and every one is with our customer in mind.  We’re getting more active on social media; we’ve invested in our website to make it a really valuable resource for anyone wanting to find out more about renewable heating, and of course we’re here and available to answer questions and accompany our customers along the renewable journey.  We’re living in exciting times.  Yes, it’s a challenge, but it’s a good one that’s come about for our common good, and that’s always positive.

If you’d like to discuss your renewable heating options, reach out.  We’d love to hear from you and to help you make the right decisions for your unique situation.

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