Bathroom Adaptations

It does not need to look clinical to have an adapted bathroom. Our experienced inhouse bathroom designer will listen carefully and discuss the options that can bring your dream bathroom to reality at a cost you can afford.

2021 sees us extending our reach to ‘Bespoke’ design adapted bathrooms. We offer you the best in design support and all the quality products and trend insights the market is offering. We are listening to our clients and have an understanding that great design ideas are not always about huge budgets. We will work with your concept or hold your hand and get you to a place you envisage. Make an appointment with our Designer in house or we will come to you.

Adapted Bathroom Design

We are one of the most reliable and professional bathroom installers in Glasgow and Lanarkshire. An important part of what makes us your best choice for bathroom remodelling is our ability to provide excellent service for every budget. We are positioned to deliver a detail driven solution for every bathroom design. Every room in your property, including your bathroom, should reflect your personal sense of style and mood. Precise Installs is one of the best bathroom fitters in Lanarkshire because we care about what we do.

Full Adapted Wet Room Design Service

Our team of experienced contractors will choose the perfect wall and floor finishes to complement your bath or shower, the right fixtures to accentuate your colour scheme, or the appropriate countertops for your grand design with safety and accessibility always a priority. We will overlook no detail and make sure that every piece of your bespoke bathroom combines harmoniously. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality workmanship with all the attention to detail you deserve. No matter whether you are refurbishing or completely replacing your bathroom we are here to help. Whatever your budget, we can supply a vast array of quality products to suit your design ideas as well as your pocket.

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