Central Heating

No matter how big or small you’re plumbing or heating problem, we are here to help. Our team of qualified and highly experienced heating engineers deliver the service you are looking for at a price you can trust, when you need it. When you ask Precise Installs for assistance with a heating or plumbing problem, we bring not just our expertise but also our experience to give you reliable and trustworthy service. Experience heating services that will not leave you out in the cold, thanks to Precise Installs, reliable, and trustworthy heating engineers.

Reliable Central Heating Engineers

Precise Installs understand how inconvenient and frustrating an inefficient boiler or heating system can be. Random cold spots, erratic hot showers, frequent leaks, and failures are just some of the headaches such a system can cause. But replacing or repairing these systems can sometimes cost you a fortune. Our company employs only the most reliable plumbing and heating engineers in Glasgow and Lanarkshire who have completed excellent work for many of our clients. Precise Installs team will solve your heating woes on any budget. We also make sure that the service we provide secures your safety.

Safety Guaranteed

Precise Installs takes your safety seriously. Because we are one of the most trustworthy central heating installers in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, we take every precaution to guarantee your well-being. Gas safe registered engineers handle all our heating projects, from installations to repairs, to avoid mistakes that could turn into an accident later. Aside from these safety certifications, each member of our qualified team of installers has a lot of experience to guide them on every unique project.

Powerflush Service

Powerflush removes any dirt, sludge, rust, and debris built up within your system over time. If left in your heating system, they cause blockages or corrosion and ultimately affect the efficiency of your boiler, this often eventually leads to a breakdown.


A specialised machine flushes out any potentially damaging deposits and allows water to flow freely again throughout your system.

If the system is heavily contaminated. Often caused by several things including poor installation, the system not been thoroughly flushed before installation or even bacterial growth.

Precise Installs are both Gas Safe registered and have experienced engineers in Powerflushing. You could get in touch today to help diagnose whether your system requires a Powerflush and to book an appointment.

Prices for a central heating Powerflush can vary depending on the size of your heating system and the complexity of the job. This can seem like a costly expense, however there are normally savings to be made with an enhanced system efficiency which could help to prevent an expensive breakdown in the future.

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