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How to choose a wetroom supplier

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More and more people are either needing to, or simply wanting to convert their bathroom into a wetroom and many need help knowing which company to choose.  Up until recently you could head to one of the many council websites to find a list of approved wetroom suppliers.  However, slowly but surely, some councils are removing their lists.  So, if you’re in the market for a bathroom adaptation or even if you just fancy a wetroom, how on earth do you decide who to choose?

Clearly, at Precise we think (no, we know) we’re great at bathroom adaptations and installing wetrooms.  We know because our clients tell us so.  But to help you weave your way through the huge selection of wetroom supplier choices, we thought we’d put pen to paper.

So here we go…what should you expect when you invite a wetroom supplier out to your home to give you a quote?

A positive initial contact with the company

First and foremost, you should expect good initial contact.  As a minimum, you should get an informative and consultative approach.  Whoever is preparing your quote should spend time with you to go over everything – the paperwork, the processes, the details and the final finishes.  They should do this to the point where you’re left feeling informed and confident.  The company that comes out should put you at ease.  This is really important because adapting a bathroom into a wetroom is something many of our customers consider an upheaval that may cause them stress.  The last thing you need is more stress because you’re worried your supplier might let you down.

A timely quote

It’s also important, once you’ve made your decision to get a quote that whoever you invite to quote is responsive. You don’t want to be waiting 6 months for a quote.  At Precise when you ask us to come and quote, you’ll promptly have an appointment with Stuart, our Sales Manager.  And when he’s been out, you’ll get a quote shortly afterwards. We hear from customers all the time that they’re continually chasing companies to get someone to out to their property, and after they’ve been, they can be waiting weeks for their quotes. With this sort of work often being time-sensitive due to a change in health or mobility for example, we believe that you deserve to know that your bathroom company are on your side (needless to say, we are).

A company that knows what they’re doing

The other thing that should influence your decision is the company’s backup service. If things go wrong – which they can – you need to know you can get hold of someone to help.  At Precise, we have an office team available Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm and there are always staff on hand to take calls, so customers aren’t left calling and calling, again and again.

If you’re getting work done on a grant, you may need to use a company that’s approved by the local authority.  Precise has worked with local authorities for bathroom adaptations for over five and half years now, so we know what we’re doing. Just to give you an idea, we ‘ve completed over 100 adaptations in that time with both North and South Lanarkshire and therefore know exactly what’s expected by both the customer and by our local authorities.

Another thing you should check out is that whoever does your job will do it all – everything from A to Z.  At Precise we have all the necessary trades available and ready – for joinery, plumbing, tiling etc. Our team’s hardworking, and yet considerate, so if you have questions, our team of installers are always happy to answer.  What’s more, all our installers are Disclosure Scotland checked and approved, which means you can feel safe and secure while they’re in your home.  And we’re a trusted contractor by Trading Standards and are on their approved ‘Buy with Confidence’ scheme, with a 5-star rating.

An end result that’ll look good

At the end of the day, if you’re changing your bathroom to a wetroom, you want it to look great.  And here’s the problem with adaptations and wetrooms – people often worry that their newly adapted bathroom will look like something you’d find in a hospital.  Understandably, this worries and depresses them. But at Precise, we’d never let that happen.  There are any number of ways you can make your new wetroom your own. With some lovely, warm, and modern colours and designs available, it doesn’t need to look like a disabled person’s bathroom. There are many items that can be upgraded, and these small (yet key) differences can really make the end result stunning…..and super-practical at the same time.

Plenty of happy customers

And of course, it’s important that you take time to do your homework.  Ask the company you’ve invited out to quote for reviews and recommendations.  Ask to see photos of the work they’ve done. At Precise we’ve got some great reviews on Google, which you can read right here. And you can read our Facebook reviews right here.

We hope we’ve helped you get a feel for what you should be looking for when you’re shopping around for a wetroom supplier, but of course if you have any questions that are still unanswered – reach out.  We’d love to hear from you

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