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Meet the Team – Derek Under the Spotlight

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Check this out to find out more about Derek Reid, the contracts supervisor at Precise.

What does your job involve?  What do you do on a typical day

My job as Contracts Supervisor mainly involves liaising with Site Managers and Contract Managers for the contracts we’re currently working on.  I’m also responsible for ordering the materials that the plumbers on site need and overseeing the work they’re doing.  On a day-to-day basis, I spend most of my time driving from site to site, speaking to clients and making sure everything that gets done meets The Precise Standard (quality control in other words).

Which part of your job do you enjoy most?

I love nothing more than the satisfaction of completing a job and hearing that the customer is happy.  On an ongoing basis I get a real buzz out of interacting with people because – as anyone who knows me will know – I LOVE TO TALK 😂

Which part of your job do you like least?

There are some bits of my job that I like less than others – like everyone I suppose.  That said, I can put up with most of the downsides because the upsides are so rewarding.  The one thing I’d change if I could, is that feeling you get when you wake up on a Monday morning.  Even though I’m naturally an upbeat kinda person, I still get that “Monday morning feeling” every single week 🤨 Do you?

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I enjoy knocking one of those wee white balls towards a hole with a flag in it, as well as cycling and watching football.  And like one of my bosses, William, I have been known to partake of a wee shandy or three.  All in all, as I see it, life is good and the more we smile, the more smiles we get back.  Happy Days.

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