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Is your site progress persistently plagued by contractors that let you down? Are you constantly promised the earth only to be left micro-managing the teams you put your trust in? Do you spend way too much time monitoring contractor progress only to be left disappointed, again and again? At Precise Installs we witness first-hand the stresses and strains that are caused by contractors not delivering on their promises. Unfortunately, it is clear for all to see that delays followed by unanswered calls, excuses and fall outs have dramatic effects on deadlines, cashflow and margins. Life on site does not have to be that way.

Our Approach

Clients describe the Precise Installs on-site approach like a new lease of life, a breath of fresh air. We make it our business to take the stress and strain off management by being proactive and leading from the front. Our approach, our people and our systems dovetail so we get the job done, leaving you in peace to do yours. If you are looking for a contracting partner you can count on, let’s talk. We can take care of all your contracting needs. From social housing and private newbuilds to renovation projects, we are tender ready. Every member of our fully qualified, highly experienced team takes pride in their work and will leave no stone unturned to deliver your project on time and on budget.

Our Support

In addition to our great team, we have exceptional support from our suppliers, enabling us to confidently supply quality products to match your specification. Our systems enable you to maintain your KPIs within the defects liability periods. Our friendly, efficient, and responsive back-office team is constantly in direct contact with our engineers who produce signed completed job cards detailing the work that has been carried out. These tried and tested quality and job management systems ensure you receive the high level of reporting and transparent audit trail you deserve.

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