Creating Partnerships To Best Serve Our Customers

Here at Precise, we’re very aware that no single company can do everything. No company, no matter how good, no matter how strong, no matter how powerful can do everything that every one of their customers needs done. That’s why we believe in the power of partnerships. We work in partnership with our suppliers and we’re also building our network of working partnerships.

We know that our service and our reputation is only as good as our team. And we believe that it’s the right training that keeps our team great and keeps you, our customers happy and loyal. Our training programme this year is focusing on a number of key areas and William Walker, one of our 3 directors will be going back into the classroom. William will be undertaking training later this year for the installation of ground / air source heat pumps and solar powered heating systems. This will ensure that we, at Precise are fully trained and ready to install greener, more energy efficient heating systems and stay abreast of the emerging green technologies.