What If You Could Have That Lovely New Bathroom or Bolier RIght Now?

Planning for family finances or as a landlord isn’t always easy. Knowing when you can afford to update your bathroom or when you can give your tenants the new boiler they’ve been asking for or deserve isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. Cashflow is a challenge for everyone, but there are some jobs that you either don’t want to put off or you simply can’t.

12 months’ interest free credit (subject to eligibility).

Of course you can borrow from your bank or you can use your credit card to get you by, but at Precise Installs we know that some of our customers don’t want to avail of either of these options. We know because you’ve told us. And when you tell us things like that, we make it our business to take notice and listen.
That’s why, starting from Monday 6th January 2020 we will be offering our customers 12 months’ interest free credit (subject to eligibility). Yes, this means that you could start the New Year off by replacing that old central heating boiler or treating yourself to a beautiful new bathroom and spreading the cost over the year.
We hope this new addition to our services will help make your life easier.