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Power Flush

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You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a Power Flush can do

Do you have an old boiler, or a central heating system that leaves you a bit chilly in the winter months?

Whether we care to admit it or not, in winter we rely on our boilers – even if we’re currently trying to conserve as much energy as possible.  But the fact is – boilers can get sluggish, and when they do, they’re not always working as efficiently as they should and could be using more energy than they normally would.  So why not help your heating system operate to its maximum potential with a Power Flush?

Yes, you read right – a Power Flush.

A Power Flush of your gas central heating system gives it a real boost by removing the rust and sludge build up that gathers in the pipes, radiators and heat exchangers. Over time sludge build-up can reduce the amount of heat coming from your radiators and can sometimes even damage critical boiler parts.  In some cases, we’ve even seen premature boiler failure caused by sludge build up.  So it’s not a great idea to ignore it.

A thorough Power flush will help improve heat distribution throughout your home resulting in lower energy bills and a happy, cosy family.  So don’t risk the cost of a new boiler or paying for extra energy, contact us today to get a quote for a Power Flush

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