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Any company that’s worth its salt regularly takes a long, hard look at itself to see how it’s doing and where there are opportunities to do better.  At Precise we’re pretty fanatical about our business journey.  We love anything plumbing and heating with a passion, but we also love working on everything that affects our business so we can see where and how we can do better.  And that’s just what we’ve been doing of late.

To cut a very long story short, our business has been growing, developing and changing year on year since we started in 2015.  Every year, we’ve taken what we believed at the time to be the right steps to position us for the following year.

Setting modesty aside, we’ve done pretty well really – but we’re not the types to show off about it 😂

In the last couple of years in our sector, consumer needs have changed, and environmental concerns have become headline news.  And that’s not even mentioning the impact of a global pandemic.  This means we’ve been looking at ways to improve our business so we can be as nimble and as fit as possible for the challenges we all face today.

It’s against this backdrop that we’ve decided to do a bit of internal restructuring. We’ll be telling you more about this as it unfolds, but for now, here’s an overview of what we’ve been up to behind the scenes.

First things first, from a client or customer point of view, please don’t worry about these changes.  You probably won’t even notice them happening.  Hopefully all you’ll see is the Precise workmanship and customer service you’ve come to know, like and trust carrying on in action as before.

Creating the Precise group structure

Precise has grown into a company that’s trusted by customers and clients big and small, to do everything from a straight-forward annual boiler service to huge commercial heating jobs, and contract work on significant housing developments.  Each of these tasks is very different and calls for very different skills, support and infrastructure.  That’s why we’ve decided to create an overall Precise ‘Group’ structure that deals with all this.  That’s why we’ve decided to re-name our overall company Precise Installs Group Ltd.

Under the Precise Group umbrella there are now 3 separate companies – Precise Installs Renewables Ltd; Precise Installs (Strathclyde) Ltd – Contracts; and Precise Bathroom Installs Ltd.  Each of these different parts of the business has its own peculiarities and requirements, and by separating them out in our business operations we can serve each market segment better and keep tighter controls internally.

Why are we doing this?

Precise has been in existence since 2015 and has grown steadily over the years.  We’re now at the stage where managing all 3 arms of our business as one entity is about to get clunky if we leave it that way.  However, if we break it down into its component parts, each part becomes nimbler, fitter and even better at serving your needs.  Here are our three main objectives:

  • A more specialised approach to customer service so we can better deliver in each market we serve.
  • An internal management team to expertly run each area of the business so every manager can go deep rather than being spread wide.
  • A tailored and bespoke sales and support process for each part of the business, which means that when you approach Precise, you’re certain to get an expert who knows how best to solve your problem or satisfy your need.

As we mentioned earlier, we’ll be bringing you more news about this re-structuring as it unfolds over the coming weeks.  In the meantime, by means of reassurance if you need it, Precise is evolving but is still run and managed by the very same people you’ve grown to know, like and trust over the years.  In short, we’re here for you, and hope to become even better by making these changes.

If you’d like to find out more or would like to chat about any of these changes and how they might affect you, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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