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Surestop – the easy stopcock

At Precise we’re constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways of doing things better – being that way’s part of who we are and how we work.  And Surestop is a concept that we’re really impressed with.  This incredibly simple, yet incredibly effective little piece of kit really can be a game changer.  You can read all about it for yourself right here

Precise Installs – Accredited Surestop Installers

We’re so impressed with Surestop, we’re accredited Surestop installers – and becoming an accredited installer’s not a decision we make lightly.

When we decide to consider becoming accredited for a product or a service, we do all our due diligence on the product before we even take it into our team meeting.  Once in our team meeting, the product or service gets a real grilling by everyone at Precise.  If it passes this initial hurdle, it then goes to our testing stage.  That’s when we test the product or service out on our own projects or with fully briefed clients.

Putting Surestop through its paces

When we test a product or service, we really do put it through its paces.  And we’re delighted to say that Surestop passed with flying colours.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose Surestop:

A simple replacement for your stopcock that works with hot and cold water.
A solution that’s water powered, so doesn’t need electricity.
A maintenance free solution that can’t seize up.
A system that works fast so there are no nasty surprises.

Here’s why Surestop is really great news for you

Surestop can be fitted with a remote switch that means you can shut off your water supply really easily.  The switch is fitted in a convenient position, within a couple of metres of the stopcock (which is commonly located behind the washing machine or at the back of kitchen cupboards – so not normally very accessible).  Surestop is a particularly appealing solution for the elderly, infirm or disabled.

All of that said – not all properties have the right sort of plumbing to accommodate Surestop, but if you like the sound of it, just reach out and let’s see together if it would work for you.

Installation comes with the peace of mind that the team at Precise Installs has tried and tested this product.  If your stopcock is needing replacing or you think it might, get in touch and let’s see if Surestop is the right solution for you.

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