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Staying ahead of the game with Toolbox Talks

At Precise, we’re a bit obsessed when it comes to training.  We’re not frightened to admit that. But why? It’s because we believe we’re only as good as our people.  And being good is really important to us.  It’s what we believe sets us apart and gives us the edge over our competitors.

Unashamedly geek-ish

We’re also self-confessed geeks when it comes to plumbing and love nothing more than discovering and learning something new and innovative.  That’s why we do all we can to get and stay up to date with new methodology and techniques.  And when we find them, we make sure we share them with everyone in the team who can use those skills.

Our people are thoroughly trained, as you can imagine, before they go out either to work with our customers or on site for contract work.  But as part of our desire to go the extra mile, we’ve introduced additional, in-house monthly training, which we call Toolbox Talks.

Introducing new skills and refreshing rarely used ones

Toolbox Talks provide ongoing training for our engineers, making sure they’re completely up to date with any new ways of working, and also to keep any skills that they’re not required to use often completely up to date and fresh.  Toolbox Talks can cover anything from customer care and ladder safety through to any new or revised standard operating procedures within the business. They’re a great opportunity for knowledge exchange both within the business and from the outside presenters we invite in.

Coffee and bacon butties (often) included

Our Toolbox Talks take place monthly in our Board Room at our office in Blantyre.  We make sure all staff attend (often incentivised by a good cup of coffee and a bacon buttie 😂) and leave fully understanding the training subject.

The talks take place in a relaxed environment which is conducive to learning.  It’s Scott & William who decide on the topic and then, using the expertise of the team, the toolbox talk is built. Sometimes they’re practical, sometimes they’re more theory based – either way, they’re a great way to make sure that everyone at Precise is fully up to date all the time.  The photo shows a mastic demo that we did recently.

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