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We’re growing our team at Precise – here are just some of the great reasons to join us

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We’re growing our team at Precise – here are just some of the great reasons to join us

At Precise, we’re always on the lookout for good people – and they’re not all that easy to find.  What we’ve discovered is that the people who join us often didn’t realise the opportunities that would open up to them by coming to work here. That’s why we’ve asked around in the team and have put together this list of great reasons to join us.  Have a read and see if it inspires you to dig deeper.

  1. We’re a company that punches above our weight.

We’ve absolutely nothing against one-man or indeed one-woman plumbing and heating companies, but when it comes to career progression for a young, or even experienced engineer, that can be a challenge.  At Precise, we have 30+ years of experience, a staff of 30, an office that’s set up to keep everything working like clockwork, our fleet of 10 vehicles and a brand and an online presence that we’re proud of.  All of these things give us the opportunity to punch above our weight when it comes to pitching for jobs.  And what this means for you as someone thinking of working with us is that you can be part of this, and you can enjoy the rewards, the feedback and the success that we enjoy.

  1. We offer second-to-none training.

At Precise, it’s safe to say that we’re pretty obsessive when it comes to training.  We’re self-confessed plumbing and heating ‘geeks’ and we love anything that’s innovative and challenging.  That’s why we seek out and develop training for our team that’s second to none.  We draw on online resources, support from local colleges, industry experts and our own knowledge to make sure our training isn’t just an obligation, it’s part of our DNA.

  1. There are opportunities for progression.

When you join Precise, you’ll quickly see that there are opportunities to do more, to learn more and to work on interesting jobs in new places.  This makes progression at Precise exciting and motivating.  Apprentices who join get the chance to work with experienced engineers to learn the ropes and to progress.  Experienced engineers come into the Precise team and bring their own skills; however, they quickly learn that they are in a great place to learn new skills too.  If you were to join our team, you’d be able to benefit from these opportunities too.

  1. We embrace technology to help our employees work smarter.

We love our tech at Precise, but we’re always careful not to embrace technology for the sake of it.  We use tech to be more efficient, to be able to communicate better with our customers and clients and to enable us to deliver on our promises more effectively.  No matter whether it’s our back-office systems or the engineer on site with his tablet, every investment we make in tech is to make our jobs easier and to make our customer experience better.  If you’re fed up with scrappy notebooks and searching for a pen in a van, we think you’d love our way of working.

  1. An office facility to provide all the back-up you need.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re on your own in the world of plumbing and heating.  If you’re being left to firefight alone, without a team behind you, we think you’ll find the Precise way of working a breath of fresh air.  We have an office team that’s made up of a Help Desk with 3 people, plus Derek our Contracts Supervisor, Stuart our Sales and Marketing Manager, as well as Scott and William, the Company Directors who are constantly working behind the scenes to plan work, make sure you have the tools to do your job and to keep our customers happy and satisfied.  Working this way reaps its rewards as it enables us to be friendly and approachable but at the same time super-efficient.

  1. Innovative and interesting work.

We’re self-confessed geeks when it comes to new and innovative ways of working.  We’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to do things, ways to deliver more efficiently and more effectively than our competitors and ways to get noticed locally, and more recently, nationally.  If you’re someone who likes a challenge and loves to find new and improved ways of doing things, we think you’ll like the Precise approach.

  1. Flexible rates of pay, the option of hourly rate or price work and uncapped hours.

What more can we say?  What we’re trying to do is make working for Precise as good an experience as it can be.  We know everyone’s priorities are different – some might want a fixed income; others might want the flexibility to work more, or less hours, and accept the fluctuating pay that goes with that.  At Precise we’re open to suggestion and do all we can to accommodate the right way of working for the right people.

  1. We’re a nice bunch.

And last, but not least – obviously, we’re here to work, but if the work can get done and we can have a bit of fun along the way, then we’re all for it.

If you’re a plumbing or heating engineer, or if you know someone who is, who’s ambitious and keen to join a team that’s going places, we’d love to hear from you.

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