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Why continuity counts in bathroom design

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When you go into a bathroom and think “WOW” – it’s not always obvious what makes the overall look so amazing.  And usually it’s as simple as continuity, and continuity is one thing that people often forget about when planning their new bathroom.

Keeping a rhythm flowing (no pun intended) throughout your bathroom design will help take it up a notch.  It’s a secret that all bathroom designers are aware of, but we humble folks, less so.  So, if you’re planning a bathroom re-design, this article’s well worth a read as it’ll help you get why you sometimes go into a bathroom and say “WOW” without really being able to put your finger on what it is that makes it so special.

It’s all about continuity.  Continuity in your choices – square or round edges on your hardware. Modern or traditional porcelain and storage.  Black and white or colourful tiles. Minimalist or busy accessories.  And … wait for it … trinketful (ie. lots of trinkets) – a client came up with this the other day and it’s a word that’s going to stick with us for a long time 😂  Every aspect of your bathroom needs continuity for the overall look to work towards the WOW.

Even if you aren’t a bathroom designer, when you walk into a room, any room, whether in a home or in a hotel; when the room has been designed to flow, you’ll notice that it just works – and today we want to help you see why.

Continuity in bathroom design is the seamless flow and harmonious connection between different elements and it’s important for several reasons:

  1. Aesthetics: Continuity helps create a cohesive and visually pleasing space. When design elements such as shapes, colours, materials, patterns, and styles are consistent throughout a room or a home, it provides a sense of unity and balance. This aesthetic harmony enhances the atmosphere. In your bathroom design, this can be as simple as choosing round or square edges on your porcelain and sticking to your choice throughout. That means if you choose round, sticking with round on your sink, bath, toilet and shower.
  2. Functionality: Continuity enhances the functionality of a space, making it easy and pleasurable to be in. It allows for a smooth transition between areas, ensuring that the circulation is logical and efficient. For example, consistent colour schemes in your design can define different spaces and help draw your eye to different areas in your bathroom.
  3. Emotional well-being: A continuous bathroom design can even have a positive impact on emotions and well-being. When there’s a sense of coherence and order in our surroundings, it can create a feeling of calmness and comfort. In contrast, a lack of continuity or conflicting design elements can lead to visual confusion and disorientation, which in extreme cases can cause stress or unease – we’re sure you’ve been in homes and experienced this – we certainly have 😳
  4. Value and perception: Continuity in bathroom design can enhance the perceived value of your space – make it look like it broke the bank when it didn’t. When all the design elements in your bathroom are thoughtfully integrated and coordinated, it gives the impression of a well-planned and high-quality environment – giving you a return on your investment that punches above its weight.
  5. Long-term satisfaction: Continuity in bathroom design helps ensure that your new bathroom won’t date any time soon – it remains appealing and relevant over time. By selecting timeless design elements and avoiding trends that quickly go out of style, you can create a long-lasting look that you will continue to enjoy for years to come. This helps to avoid the need for frequent changes and renovations, saving time, hassle and money.

So, as you can see, continuity in bathroom design is important for its aesthetic appeal, functional efficiency, emotional well-being, perceived value, and long-term satisfaction. It contributes to the overall success of your room – and the best news is that we can help you achieve all these things – and a whole lot more.  If you’ve got a bathroom project in mind, reach out and let’s chat

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