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Why the right heating and plumbing team will make your self-build way less stressful

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Having the right plumbing and heating team on side is crucial when embarking on a self-build home project in Scotland.  You probably don’t need us to tell you that.  If you’re at the stage of shopping around for your self-build team, you’ll be all too aware of the compliance requirements and the need to have the right people in place.

To help you navigate your way to selecting the right plumbing and heating team, we thought we’d share a checklist we’ve come up with.  We hope you’ll find it helpful:

First and foremost, you want a team that’s familiar with, and respectful of all the relevant compliance and regulation requirements.  Scotland, like the rest of the UK has strict building regulations, including those related to plumbing and heating systems. A knowledgeable team will make sure that your systems meet these standards, helping you avoid potentially costly legal issues, and ensuring the safety and efficiency of your home, as well as protecting its potential future value.

Next comes energy efficiency.  This is something that’s on pretty much everyone’s agenda at the moment – and quite rightly so.  Scotland and Scottish people place a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and sustainability.  A skilled plumbing and heating team can advise on, design and install energy-efficient systems, helping you reduce your environmental impact and potentially save on long-term energy costs.  But not every team has design and installation capability.  And here’s a word of advice – in the ideal world, you should seek out a team that’s great at design and installation.  That way if unforeseen issues arise, they have the capability to go back to the drawing board without having to get another team involved – or worse still deciding to do a non-compliant workaround.

It’s also important that your plumbing and heating integrates seamlessly with the other systems in your new home, such as ventilation and insulation. It’s only through coordinated planning, design and installation by a skilled team that you can truly optimise the overall performance and comfort of your new home.

It’s also important to make sure they have a robust track record of coordinating build projects. Plumbing and heating installation is just one part of your larger construction project. A well-coordinated team will work seamlessly with other trades, ensuring that timelines are met, and the overall project progresses smoothly.  A great team will be acutely aware of the big picture and will be constantly on the lookout for potential bottlenecks and issues.  Teams like this are worth their weight in gold as they’ll be constantly keeping a professional eye out for you (BTW – that’s one of the big things we’re known for 😉).

Take time to check out their warranties, guarantees and after-sales service.  In the ideal world, you’d wave goodbye to your plumbing and heating team at the end of their work and not need to see them again until your annual service.  However, with the best will in the world, snagging issues can, and do arise.  That’s where it’s really important to work with a reputable plumbing and heating professional that provides appropriate warranties or guarantees on their work and has a dedicated customer service team to look after you if you need them. This gives you real peace of mind, knowing that if issues arise, you have recourse for repairs without incurring additional costs.

And last, but not least – take your time to check out their experience and expertise. Plumbing and heating systems are complex, and experience matters. A team with a proven track record in self-build projects will bring valuable expertise to your project, helping you make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls.  Ask to see references and even to speak to previous clients.  This will help you make the very best decision for your build.

Devoting the time required to choose the right plumbing and heating team is time well spent because you’re investing in the long-term functionality, efficiency, and comfort of your new home.  And the good news is – at Precise, we’re here to support you EVERY STEP of the way.  If you like what we’re saying, reach out and let’s see if we’re the right team for you.

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