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Why training is top priority in plumbing and heating

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Why training is top priority in plumbing and heating 

Training is important, no matter what you do.  It’s essential that everyone in the workplace has the tools they need to do their job.  At Precise, we believe that we’re only as strong as our weakest player.  That’s why we invest heavily in training and are great advocates of making training top priority in plumbing and heating.  Here’s why…

  1. To meet our professional obligations.

No matter whether we’re fitting bathrooms, installing traditional heating systems, or working with renewable solutions – in a domestic or commercial setting, we have an obligation to prove to our customers and clients that our people are qualified to do the work they are doing.  At Precise, we can do that – and some.  Our goal is to have the best people, and we know that the best way to do that is to have top-notch training.

With domestic gas work, it’s relatively simple.  An engineer gets qualified and certified to work with domestic gas.  We hold records of all of those qualifications and keep them up to date as required.  We also top up our engineers’ knowledge with our Toolbox Talks, which you can read more about here.

With commercial, it’s more complicated.  Each engineer needs to go and do each exam separately and that’s why it’s really important that plumbing and heating contractors only pitch for work where they can tick all the boxes.  Again, at Precise, we’re obsessive about this and make sure we go above and beyond our obligations.

And then there’s renewable technologies.  Not all companies will be up to speed with the likes of air source heat pump design and installation – as these call for detailed training and certification.  We’ve gone above and beyond on this and it’s something that makes us proud.  At Precise we’re doing all we can to be at the forefront of this sector.

  1. To meet our obligations to our customers.

When a customer chooses their preferred plumbing or heating company, they have done so perhaps because they’ve been recommended, or they may have researched them online.  Either way, at Precise, we believe that our obligation to our customers is to deliver not only a seamless customer experience, but also to make sure that each and every person – from joiner, to plumber, to heating engineer, to tiler is at the top of their game.  And we do this through thorough college education, as well as on, and off the job training.

  1. The world of plumbing and heating is ever evolving.

It will come as no surprise to some that plumbing and heating isn’t a ‘once and done’ when it comes to training – especially recently.  The world of plumbing and heating is ever evolving and because of that, our people’s skills need to be constantly updated.  We do this sometimes in collaboration with our suppliers, sometimes with local colleges or using online resources and tools, and by being thorough in keeping up to date with industry developments.  What this means is that when you choose Precise you know you’re going to have a well-trained engineer on your job.  Also, when you choose to work for Precise, you know you’ll get access to some of the best training in our industry.

  1. There’s a need to be good, and if possible, the best.

Training our people to a high standard isn’t as selfless as it may sound.  We do it for good business reasons too.  When we set up Precise in 2015, we set out our stall to develop a reputation for being good – better than good actually – for being very good – excellent even.  And if we’re to believe our customers and clients, we’ve done not too badly on this.  One of the major contributors to this success is our thorough and structured training process which differentiates us in the marketplace and enables us to secure a huge amount of repeat work.

  1. To maintain our reputation locally, and now nationally.

In the local area, we’ve built up a reputation for being reliable, trustworthy, competitively priced, and for consistently delivering on our promises.  We’ve achieved this by being patient, being courteous and by being realistic and grateful.  We’ve grown our business slowly but surely and always on solid foundations.  We’re now getting asked to bid for work as far away as Aberdeen and everywhere in between – and we just know that a huge part of that success is down to our strict training regime.

These are just some of the reasons we place a huge emphasis on training at Precise.  So, no matter whether you’re a domestic customer looking to have a bathroom fitted, or a commercial client looking for a renewable heating engineer you can trust, we’re here for you.

If you’d like to discuss your next plumbing or heating project, reach out.  We’d love to hear from you and to help you make the very best decisions for your unique situation.

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