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Why your commercial/workplace bathroom is a whole lot more than a place to go to the loo

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It’s quite common to take your commercial/workplace bathroom for granted.  It’s easy to think of it as a place where you go to the loo, wash your hands and that’s pretty much it.  On that basis, it could be argued that as long as your commercial bathroom satisfies health and safety requirements, it’s good enough.  However, the reality is that commercial/workplace bathrooms are way more important than that for several reasons.

Yes, they provide necessary hygiene facilities for your employees, but they also contribute to a positive work environment and can even boost productivity, morale and job satisfaction.  And in the current climate of skills shortages, this shouldn’t be overlooked.

Promoting personal hygiene and helping reduce sick days

At a very basic level, well maintained, light, bright commercial restrooms support employee health and wellbeing.  Proper sanitation helps prevent the spread of germs and illnesses.  As an employer, creating a healthier environment for everyone is important, if for no other reason than to help reduce the risk of lost workdays due to absence because of illness.  A pleasant environment also encourages employees to maintain personal hygiene throughout the day.

Enhancing morale, job satisfaction and people retention

On a deeper level, employer commitment to things like attractive workplace bathrooms is a sign that you want the best for your employees.  A workplace with outdated, poorly maintained bathrooms creates a negative impression and could even make employees feel like they’re unimportant.  Modern, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing bathrooms needn’t cost a fortune, and help make it clear that you want the best for your workforce and that their comfort, happiness and job satisfaction are important to you.

Making a statement about your company culture

It goes without saying that if you receive customers or clients, it’s important to make sure your reception area and your meeting rooms reflect the image you want to portray as a company.  And any company that takes their customers and clients this seriously should take their people equally seriously by going the extra mile and making sure that employee areas are as carefully considered as client/customer areas.  Giving your employees an attractive, modern workplace bathroom is a big statement of how true you are to your values.

Accommodating accessibility and inclusivity

And if all that weren’t enough, there’s ticking the accessibility and inclusivity boxes.  Providing facilities that accommodate individuals with disabilities, gender-neutral bathrooms and lactation rooms all go a long way encouraging a truly welcoming and diverse workplace.

As you can see, commercial bathrooms are a whole lot more than a place to go to the loo. They’re a statement about how much you value your workforce.  They demonstrate your commitment to health and safety.  But way more than that, they show how much you care.

How is your commercial bathroom looking?  Be honest.  Does it tick all the boxes you’d like it to, or are you a bit ashamed when you take a closer look?

It’s time to take action

If your commercial/workplace bathrooms are a bit lacking, why not reach out and ask us for some help.  This is an area we’ve been studying deeply of late.  As you know, we’re a bit geeky when it comes to everything plumbing and heating, and we love to find innovative and unusual solutions to our clients’ problems.  What that means is that we’re almost certain to have ideas that won’t break the bank but will help you make a big bathroom statement in your workplace.  Give us a shout and let’s chat –

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