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Working Together – Mr & Mrs Rainey

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Mr and Mrs Rainey from Rutherglen recently found themselves in the situation that their bathroom was no longer practical for them.  They were struggling to get in and out of their bath to use their over bath shower, so they reached out to Precise to see if we could help.

Meet the Client

Mr and Mrs Rainey need their bathroom to work for them, not against them.  Stepping in and out of the bath every time they wanted to shower was becoming a pain for them, so it was time to make some changes.  They needed a wet floor shower area where they could get in and out with ease and be able to move freely within their bathroom.  This would help give them the quality of life they want and deserve.

The Challenge

Though we’re accustomed to this sort of work, we’re always up against the clock to get the work completed within a set time frame so their bathroom didn’t stay out of action for too long.  We were able to adhere to the timescales here and avoid unnecessary disruption in their day-to-day life.

Also, this bathroom had a rather large bulkhead window ledge which we opted to finish in the same wall board as the rest of the room, and the customer has been delighted with the open and airy feel.

The other thing is needs and budget – again, accustomed to this, it’s all about timeliness – doing the work promptly, being organised and making sure we keep all our installation team up to date as the work progresses.  This keeps the job moving nicely along and not allowing much downtime for us or the customer.

The Solution

As you can see from the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, this is a bathroom transformation that’s a game changer for Mr and Mrs Rainey – completed on budget and on time.

Client Feedback

The customers are delighted with their finished bathroom – they could not be happier. From the nicely finished window ledge to the lovely choice of sanitary ware and wall mounted semi pedestal sink, they are – in their own words – ‘fair chuffed’!

Sound familiar?

If your bathroom is looking tired or is becoming a challenge for your day-to-day comfort get in touch – we can offer private and grant-funded wet room adaptations to suit your home and your budget.  We’re only a phone call 01698 622424 or an email away –

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