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Westpoint Homes

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Let down by another contractor, Westpoint Homes recently faced a situation that could have led to costly delays and potential professional embarrassment. They reached out to Precise to see if we could help.

The Client

Westpoint Homes is a Scottish property company who we hadn’t worked with before, and the job in question was on their luxury Meadow View Grange site in Edinburgh.

The Problem

Westpoint’s previous plumbing contractor encountered an unforeseen challenge with labour resources and ended up unable to complete their job. With building work already well underway, Westpoint was up against the clock to find a contractor who could come in, survey the site, get on the job – and deliver.  Not an easy task – until they reached out to Precise – often referred to as “The Team that Delivers”.

The Solution

A switched-on businessman as well as a plumber, our Contracts Director, Scott Murphy understands the impact of delays and was keen to do all he could to help.  To cut a long story short, Scott got involved, mobilised his team and stepped in at the last minute to help salvage the situation faced by this prestigious developer.

Here’s how it panned out.  He made it a priority to get out and survey the job.  Once armed with the detail, he figured out if/how he could schedule this project in addition to his other work.  Not a guy to take on work that he can’t deliver, the priority for Scott was to get a sense of the bigger picture and determine if he could give the new contract his “all” and deliver. After much deliberating, planning, consideration, and juggling, he decided he could.

Within a week, he’d mobilised his team and completed the first fix pipework and soil waste install, which helped Westpoint avoid schedule disruptions and potential professional embarrassment. In short – their reputation remained intact, and they didn’t have to face the potentially costly consequences of delays.

What’s more, Westpoint Homes awarded Precise with a full-time contract on the back of this intervention.

Client Feedback

Here’s what Evan McKinnon, Westpoint’s Technical Director, had to say:

“We encountered a challenge with labour resources with our plumbing contractor. Scott from Precise Installs and his team quickly provided a quotation, arranged labour and materials at short notice to maintain our build sequence. We hope this will be a fruitful relationship and look forward to working together on this and future projects.”

We are delighted to have helped, incredibly pleased with this testimonial and over the moon that Westpoint considered our work worthy of a full-time contract.

Sound familiar?

If your business is in the same boat as Westpoint Homes and you’ve been let down by a plumbing contractor, we may be able to help.  We have a proven track record of being able to go on a job at short notice, help the developer stay on track and avoid costly delays.

And if you want to avoid situations like this at all costs, it’s worth knowing that our experienced, highly skilled workforce won’t let our clients get to the stage where they need a last-minute solution.

If these qualities are things you could do with, we’d love to hear from you

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